Ella Tamsin Wickle, perhaps now Ella Finster since her wedding, is the mother of Shauna Wickle, Darren Wickle, and Humphrey FInster. These three children all have different fathers. She eventually married Dan Finster, Humphrey's father, after living together for years.

Ella was at one point on the cleaning staff of a building where Shauna's father, Glenn Hughes, worked as a programmer, and had a brief relationship with him.

Ella and her family have lived in fairly rough neighborhoods, but are currently in a slightly nicer area than they were earlier, and managed to send Shauna to Griswald's Grammar School, a somewhat fancier school (uniforms and all) than the family was previously accustomed to.

At the time when Desmond Fishman was living with her family (after running away from the house where he had been living with Shelley, Amy, and Ryan), Ella attempted to exploit the situation by getting into gossip magazines and trashy TV shows with stories about how Desmond was her son, bullied and persecuted for his odd appearance.