Graham McGraw
First Seen Giant Days #1
Appeared In Giant Days

Last Seen {{{lastseen}}}
Gender Male
Nationality {{{nation}}}
Occupation University Student, Mechanical Engineering Major
Past Jobs {{{pastjobs}}}
Species Human
Family {{{family}}}
Significant Other Emilia Martinez
Friends Ed Gemmel, Daisy Wooton, Susan Ptolemy, Esther de Groot

Past Relationships Kylie Trainor, Susan Ptolemy

Pets {{{pets}}}

Graham McGraw is a character in Giant Days, a second year mechanical engineering student and a close friend of Ed Gemmel and the rest of the main cast.

He met Susan Ptolemy in metalwork class at the age of thirteen. When she asked if he would be her boyfriend, he declined, and instead spent the summer with Kylie Trainor. After taking a gap year to volunteer, he transferred from Warwick to the university that Susan, Daisy Wooton, Esther de Groot, and Ed attend.

Susan, angry about Bantserve's plans to leak Esther's information, made a feminist zine decrying his actions and character. After the fallout from that incident and her apology, they got together at the Holiday Ball, but they have since broken it off. He is currently dating Emilia Martinez.

He often plays pool with Ed and Daisy.

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