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Eustace Boyce and Elodie Broussard exploring the streets of La Rochelle [1]

La Rochelle is a town in France, and the twin town of Tackleford.[2] Griswald's Grammar School and a school in La Rochelle are maintaining a student exchange program.

Mimi Broussard, a citizen of this town, once quite unflatteringly described it as "a dumb" (which caused some displeasure among her class mates), but also lauded the "well maintained road out of town".[3]

La Rochelle may be meant to be the real French city of the same name (both are port towns [4], [5]), but that isn't 100% certain.

Known citizens of La Rochelle: Edit

Natalie Durand [6], former girlfriend of Ryan Beckwith.

Jean Choux-Fleur, had a crush on Natalie [7], but was seen by her only as "ze local simpleton".[8]

Elodie Broussard, her younger sister Mimi Broussard, and their parents.

Camille Duplass, Mimi's friend-turned-archenemy.[9]

Camille's posse, of which one girl is named Hélène.

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