Tim Jones winning the election.[1]

The 2005 Mayoral Election for Tackleford City and Borough was an eventful example of democracy in practice.

After the appearance of The Child caused chaos in Tackleford, and Mayor James Mayor proved to be unable to properly deal with this situation, his re-election was at stake. Thus he had to face several tough challengers in the 2005 election.

The mayoral candidates were:

On May 5th, Tim Jones won the election. Unfortunately, he didn't get to be mayor for a full term, due to soon thereafter losing an invent-off against fellow inventor Dai Davies. Tim was exiled to Wales, and Davies (whose henchwoman, interestingly, was Elaine Wu) inherited the mayoral office (which he didn't manage to hold for very long himself).

Another important fallout of this election was that with James Mayor losing his office, Shelley Winters wound up being jobless too. (Tim refused to continue her employment.) This let to Shelley successfully applying for the job as a reporter for the Tackleford Cormorant.

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Upon meeting Tim Jones in person, Neil Haversham told Eustace Boyce that he voted for Tim back in 2005, because he was his hero. Even Shelley - being the campaign advisor and employee of one of his political adversaries after all - pondered voting for Tim! It is unknown how her final decision was, though.

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