Shelby Winner
First Seen Scary Go Round, Traveller, 6 Nov 2007
Appeared In Scary Go Round

Last Seen Scary Go Round, Winterlude, 23 May 2008
Gender female
Nationality American
Occupation freelance writer
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Species human
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Shelby Winner is, in a way, Shelley Winters' "evil twin". She is an American freelance author of magazine articles, based in Los Angeles but often traveling to New York and other locations in the course of her work. She was known for a lack of ethics or social conscience, as seen, for instance, in her article about purchasing a shoe made entirely out of blood diamonds.

When Conde Nast Traveller was seeking to do a travelogue article about Christmas Island, the editors picked her as the author. However, a staff member mistakenly found Shelley instead in the Haque guide to writers, and assigned her the article and fat expense account with company debit card. Despite suspecting that this was a mistake (her previous writing was strictly for Tackleford-based publications), she ran with it and took a leave of absence from her Tackleford Cormorant reporting job (which ended up being a permanent leave since that publication didn't want her back when she finally returned) and formed a team for the island excursion, running up bills at the magazine's expense until they finally cut off the card.

Upon realizing their mistake, the magazine sent Shelby after her, wanting her to kill off Shelley and then do the article as originally planned. However, the two writers became friends instead, and after exploring the island and finding Santa Claus, they took an extended vacation there together, followed by a trip to New York. Reportedly, there was a planned plotline at that point where they got involved with the 2008 US election, but this was cut short with Shelley returning to Tackleford and Shelby not seen since.